Infrastructure, Wellbeing and the Measurement of Happiness

Infrastructure, Wellbeing and the Measurement of Happiness cover
Infrastructure, Wellbeing and the Measurement of Happiness cover

Edited by Hoda Mahmoudi, Jenny Roe and Kate Seaman (Routledge, forthcoming for 2023).

Many complex processes must be envisioned and coordinated to plan, develop, and operate any city, let alone one which improves human happiness sustainably and inclusively. The path forward will require the integration of ideas from different disciplines – such as urban planning, sociology, psychology, economics, technology, finance, and politics – as well as collaboration between agents from different sectors – government, industry, academia, and civil society. To create a rich dialogue layering, debating, and uniting these diverse perspectives, this volume brings together decision-makers and thought leaders from these disciplines and sectors to synthesize strategies for achieving happier cities. 

Contributors include Carol Graham, Carol Ryff, Jenny Roe, Naomi Saach, Hoda Mahmoudi and June Thomas.


This book sets out powerful ideas for having the right foundations to support improving people’s wellbeing beyond just an absence of illness. In combining theory and practical applications, the book allows built environment professionals to reflect on the growing commitment to embedding mental health considerations when designing the urban environment.

Michael Chang, Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, UK

Infrastructure is more than just roads and bridge, it includes social, civic and human infrastructure, all of which plays a significant role in our happiness and well-being. This terrific volume traces the development of infrastructure, its role in our happiness and well-being, and how to build better more inclusive infrastructure for the future.

Richard Florida, University of Toronto, author of The Rise of the Creative Class

As the climate crisis begins to manifest itself in our daily lived experiences and their relationships to infrastructure resilience this book makes a unique contribution to these debates by focusing upon the less well considered but equally critical issues of equity, well-being and affordances supported by our infrastructure choices.

Dr. Steve Cinderby, Senior Researcher, Stockholm Environment Institute