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The restorative power of urban waterfronts and tactical urbanism
Undertaken by a team at the University of Virginia in conjunction with Happy City and Street Plans Collaborative, this study is one of the few covering the emerging field of “blue health.”
Posted in , 5th August, 2019
Neural signatures associated with experiencing different urban environments
We previously wrote about studying emotive responses in older people through research conducted in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Posted in , 3rd July, 2019
Special restorative design considerations for the elderly
Attending to the health and wellbeing of our older people is not only an ethical concern, but a practical one as well.
Posted in , 18th June, 2019
Poverty, Ethnicity, and Mental Health in Children
Health equity is one of those “wicked problems.” We want to solve it, but it’s bound up tightly with other problems: namely, poverty and ethnicity.
Posted in , 11th April, 2019
Walking in nature and the city – a study on emotive responses in the elderly
Restorative environments don’t demand a lot of mental effort but do capture our sense of curiosity and interest in an effortless way.
Posted in , 25th March, 2019
Youth friendly and healthy cities?
Did you know that 30% of 16-24 year-olds report that they never visit a local park?
Posted in , 13th March, 2019
Building on the Francis effect
This autumn I become my own study in human adaptation, as I moved across the Atlantic to America to become the Professor in Design and Health at the Architecture School, University of Virginia.
Posted in , 20th October, 2015
Navigating the world with sight loss
It has been suggested the human eye is the most important sensory organ in our body, with 80% of all the impressions on our senses coming from the eye.
Posted in , 17th February, 2015
Meetings – of hope – at Maggie’s
The diagnosis of a potentially life threatening illness is catastrophic news for the individual and their family and friends.
Posted in , 25th February, 2014
Hopeful green stuff
A child said, What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could I answer the child?
Posted in , 4th February, 2014