Press Articles

Pokemon Go: a tool to help urban design improve mental health?
The success of Pokemon Go is gigantic and it is good news for health and urban design.
U.Va. School of Architecture announces appointment of the first DeShong Professor
The University of Virginia’s School of Architecture is pleased to announce the appointment of Jenny Roe to its faculty as the inaugural Mary Irene DeShong Professor of Design and Health.
Published at School of Architecture, University of Virginia, 20th October, 2015
Quality green space is good for you
Will our new understanding of the health and economic benefits of quality green space change our horizons?
Published at Friends of the Earth, 20th March, 2014
Can green space beat anxiety in Urban Scotland?
There is an urgent need to find, simple solutions for anxiety that can help on a daily basis.
Published at Scottish Policy Now, 5th November, 2013
Easing Brain Fatigue with a Walk
An innovative study from Scotland suggests that you can ease brain fatigue simply by strolling through a leafy park.
Published at New York Times, 27th March, 2013
Green Cities—Good For the Soul?
Can poorer communities - rural and urban - truly benefit from green space?