I am a coach and mentor who helps clients work positively towards their goals and aspirations with the aim of leading happier, more fulfilling lives.  My approach draws on more than 15 years’ experience of studying human behavior and utilises models and tools from positive psychology that focus on wellbeing and goal efficacy.  I employ a three-stage framework, first, drawing on Personal Project Analysis (Little 1983) I work with a client to identify core (and important) goals; second, I work to understand the individual and contextual dynamics that impact on a client’s goals; and third, by tapping into a client’s strengths and assets, develop a process that allows client’s thinking to broaden around an issue and to allow – over time – positive changeto take place. 

I am a coach and mentor for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Health Policy Research Scholars program and have significant experience in coaching mid to early career faculty in higher education towards tenure and promotion in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. I am experienced in supporting individuals execute and manage transitions, for example, to a new job, change of career and on return to work after maternity-leave. 

My coaching practice draws on some 18 years of professional practice as a professor in design for mental health and my understanding of how people interact with their world. 

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Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) UK & EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) accredited Executive Coach and Mentor (Level 7) (2022).


Coaching / mentoring with Jenny has been an invaluable experience to me …[and] by the end Jenny had empowered me to solve problems, get organised, and feel confident to approach the next chapter of my life. Throughout the process we used action lists to incrementally address different tasks to help me move towards my overall goal.

I have benefited hugely from Jenny’s mentorship [including] the skills, strengths and weaknesses exercises that we conducted. These sessions helped me quantify areas that I performed well in and that I could use to achieve my goals, and quantified areas that I was not strong in and could work on. We then devised strategies to improve on these areas … Overall – a great experience.

Professor Roe established trust from the get-go, listened to the actual root of my challenges, and then helped me unpack ways to work toward productive solutions via open-ended questions. This has been key for me, and I continue to implement some of the strategies and approaches she helped me establish. Mentorship is all about meeting a mentee where they’re at—and Professor Roe has raised this to an art form.

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