Enabling Places

Enabling mobility in older people: in a novel project called Mood, Mobility and Place (MMP) led by the University of Edinburgh with the Universities of Heriot-Watt University; King’s College London and the Stockholm Environment Institute, we are exploring how walking can be a happier, more meaningful and less stressful experience for older people, 65+. Building on ideas from positive psychology, we’re exploring how mood of place can in turn improve our willingness to be active. We’re testing this novel idea using a mobile neural headset that captures brain activity on the move. You can read the results of earlier trials with mobile EEG here and here.

More on Mobility Mood and Place: Website + Twitter

Enabling mobility in people with vision problems: Jenny has collaborated with VisionCentre3 – a Scottish applied vision research centre – on a number of studies about wayfinding and quality of life for people with visual impairments. You can read our latest study about walking journeys in people with AMD (Advanced Macular Degeneration) here.

Enabling mobility in people with severe mental health problems: Jenny’s research has shown how facilitated walks in natural settings, as well as in selective urban environments (for example, historic districts with interesting building facades), can promote both physical activity and mental wellbeing in people with severe mental health problems, including psychosis and schizophrenia. These findings have informed initiatives such as the Scottish Government’s ‘green prescriptions’ and the Green Exercise Partnership with NHS Scotland. Read the full research here.