Blue Health

Blue health is the effect of all things ‘blue’ – blue water settings and blue light in the form of daylight or artificial blue light – on our health and wellbeing.

Water, health and wellbeing: research for the Scottish Government’s Centre of Expertise in Waters (CREW) has scoped the evidence for the effects of ‘blue health’ including positive benefits (i.e. restorative health) and negative relationships such as the stress arising from flood risk and trauma. You can view the research here:

Blue light and health: blue light is defined as light within the wavelength range of 400-480 nanometers – typically mid-morning daylight – and is known to support sleep and cognitive functioning and maintain healthy circadian rhythms (our internal body clock). As we get older we need more blue light to function well, a theme the VisionCentre3 group have explored in older eye patients. Increasing blue light transmission via cataract surgery led to improvements in cognition and sleep. Read the study – New Light for Old Eyes.