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Inscape – a poetic articulation of our experience of landscape
When I’m in the landscape there’s a constant dialogue going on between the outer and the inner landscape...
Posted in , 8th October, 2012
Desire lines
Desire lines represent people’s singular navigational decisions; the very verb ‘desire’ denotes a strong wish to go your own way – make your own personal path.
Posted in , 19th September, 2012
City colour planning
Cities resonate – mostly accidentally – with flashes of emblematic colour …. the red double decker in London, the yellow cabs of New York. Some cities are even defined by their dominant architectural colour.
Posted in , 9th September, 2012
As an eight year old arriving at Waverley Station in Edinburgh – en route to visit my Grandmother – I can still clearly recall walking in wonder up the ramp-way from its dark underbelly and out into the bright daylight to confront this eccentric city.
Posted in , 3rd September, 2012