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A room with a view?
The research implications, for the design of our neighbourhood communities, and the workplace, is huge.
Posted in , 21st January, 2014
The worrying taste of inner city stress
I’ve been fortunate most of my life to have access to a garden or a nearby park ... time to simply sit, contemplate and de-stress.
Posted in , 17th September, 2013
Special hospital wards for teenagers
More teenagers than children are admitted to hospital, but how many hospitals do you know that offer dedicated teenager wards?
Posted in , 17th July, 2013
Growing social diversity in the botanics
Arriving in a new city or town for the first time, I always map and locate its Botanic Gardens...
Posted in , 25th March, 2013
Urban splash
What is it about water features in our cities that seem to have such magnetic power over busy adults and boisterous children?
Posted in , 18th March, 2013
Feeding a mega city
Over the last twenty years urban populations have been increasing by over three million people per week. That’s equivalent to creating a new Boston, every working day somewhere in the world.
Posted in , 21st January, 2013
Enabling places
Have you ever experienced that terrifying, totally paralysing, sense of being trapped in a place that you could see absolutely no escape from?
Posted in , 2nd December, 2012
Hopeful architecture
Universally we reward brand new glossy buildings and landscape – forgetting that these shiny new stars of the built environment don’t always hold up to their promise.
Posted in , 19th November, 2012
Thought paths
I have my own thinking route, the Meadows – a large green space in Edinburgh – which I jog around early morning or late evening and the birthplace of many an idea for my next seminar or research project.
Posted in , 25th October, 2012
The idea that our planet’s health and our emotional health are interconnected is an interesting proposition that can and should be tested, shouldn’t it?
Posted in , 16th October, 2012